Homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding
served with Ice Cream, Clotted Cream or Custard

Homemade Seasonal Fruit Crumbles
(see blackboard for details)
with Ice cream, Clotted Cream or Custard

Meringue Nest
topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, Fresh Seasonal Fruits, Raspberry coulis, and Clotted Cream (gf)

Meringue Nest
topped with Blood Orange or Mango Sorbet, Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Raspberry Coulis
(vegan, gf, lactose free)

Mango and Passion Fruit Cheesecake (semi frozen)

Old Fashion Banana Split
with Ice Cream and Fruit Coulis (gf)
(please request no wafer for gluten free option)

Homemade Lemon Cream Slice
a semi frozen lemon cream on a biscuit based served with Raspberry Coulis

Devils Chocolate Sponge
Layers of chocolate sponge and fondant cream
(vegan, lactose free)

Warm Chocolate Brownie
served with Ice Cream and Clotted Cream (gf) (contains almonds)

West Country Ice Cream and Sorbets

Vanilla, (gf)
Honeycombe, (gf)
Strawberrry, (gf)
Chocolate, (gf)
Chocolate (contains Nuts) (vegan)

Mango, Sorbet (gf, lactose free)
Blood Orange (gf, lactose free)

(please request no wafer for gluten free option)

Choice of 3 Scoops, 2 Scoops or 1 Scoop

Hot Drinks

Coffee Selection
Our Coffee is a medium roast 100% Arabica beans with a juicy bright and balanced profile. Primary notes
of vanilla followed by red grape and finishing with an impression of blackberry on the plate.
Fairtrade and Organic

White Coffee (milk separate)
Black Coffee (no milk)
Cappuccino (creamy coffee with a thick layer of foam)
Latte (milky coffee with a foam top)
Latte macchiato (layered coffee milk and foam)
Flat White (milky coffee with a light foam top)
Hot Chocolate (milk and chocolate)
Mocha (milky coffee with chocolate)
Expresso (strong black)
Double Expresso (very strong black)

Tea Choices

Everyday tea
Green tea
Earl grey
Lemon & Ginger

Only use BIG quality leaves for BIG flavour, whole herb, berries, flowers and spice;
not the small leaf found in regular tea bags – whole leaf is best.
The ‘tea temple’– our spacious, biodegradable mesh bags (made of corn starch) allows the leaves lots of
room to infuse. Our tea is sustainably sourced and our packaging is 100% plant based and plastic free.
We have our own ethical scheme that gives back to the Communities that bring us our teas.
"The best tea is the one you love the best"

(v) These dishes are suitable for vegetarians.
(gf) These dishes are suitable for Gluten Free Diets.
(LF) These dishes are suitablefor Lactose free diets
**Gluten free rolls are available for those with dietary needs

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